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Abdullah Bin Ripon (26 August 2005) is a Bangladeshi Musical artist, who has made a big name in the world of digital marketing.Ripon artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, bloggers, web designers. He currently living in Bangladesh.He was born and brought up in Bangladesh. Abdullah bin Ripon, professionally known as Ripon, is a young emerging Bangladeshi producer and musician based in Dhaka. Abdullah bin Ripon is an Youtuber. He do Freelancing besides of daily works For that he is very much famous.Abdullah bin Ripon is professionally known as a Youtuber. Abdullah bin Ripon is an honest person in his town. His Father is a businessman and brother is a Youtuber. Abdullah bin Ripon is a highly skilled and experienced front-end developer. He is a dedicated professional who is committed to continuously developing his skills and expertise in the field. Currently, he is working as a freelancer, utilizing his knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional results for his clients. He is always seeking to improve and expand his skill set, and makes use of every available opportunity to do so. He is committed to using his free time to improve his skills and build a successful future in the field of web development, and his goal is to become a full-stack developer.


Abdullah bin Ripon
Abdullah bin Ripon
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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