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Alexandra was born in Leningrad, former USSR.  At the tender age of 10 she implored her mother to enroll her in art school, where she was introduced her first concept of what art was all about.  Alexandra's family left "North Venice" and immigrate to Israel, where she enjoyed an amazing opportunity to continue her artistic education. A few years later she moved to New York City. New York infused her with tremendous amounts of positive energy. After graduation from “PhotoManhattan”, Alexandra begins her work on varied projects.  She has been characterized as a contemporary “Avant-garde” photographer working in black and white. She explores contemporary ballet and dance, tango, stills and urban landscape. Alexandra exhibited her work at Baruch Performing Arts Center (New York), Jasper Arts Center (Jasper, IN), Gallery “Steals”, the Taganka Theatre (Moscow, Russia) ,  Immcalute Litheran Church (New York), Caffe 2966 Gallery (New York). Her works was published in “Volver Al Sur” playbills in Broadway,show posters in Japan, in addition to magazines and newspapers in Argentina, Germany and USA. Recently, Alexandra Vainshtein - got selected for ART Habens magazine, Biennial Edition 2019


Grape harvest
Grape harvest
Tbilisi, Georgia
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