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Born in Castellón, Spain in 1958. I live and work in Barcelona. years I work in photography in a semi-professional way. I have been formed in schools and workshops in Barcelona and Valencia . In Italy I have done courses on the elaboration of Photographic Projects and on Visual Perception and Image Analysis. I collaborate in publishing projects in Milan and Sicily participating in the edition of various books. - Honourable mention in the Eurostar Hoteles photo contest, 2016. - Individual exhibition in El Masnou, 2016. - Finalist in the SIPA competition, Siena 2017. - First prize in the "Raduno fotografico" in Milan. - Collective exhibition at PhotoMilano, Milan, 2020. - Cover of the book "Nonluogi" and project included in it. The Dead Artists Society. Catania. 2020 - Participant in the project "Percorsi di Visioni" directed by Michele di Donato, Sicilia. - Participant in the project "Cento parole per cento fotografi" organized by PhotoMilano, Milan. 2020-2021 - Finalist in the Creative Award, Siena 2021.


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