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I was born in Mazara del Vallo, a small Sicilian town, in 1975. Now I live in Catania where I work as a SW engineer. I started studying photography in 2017 when a friend who is passionate about photography pointed out that maybe I had a good visual sense (ironically I am visually impaired in the right eye). Now I teach street photography at the Imagozero association in Catania. I photograph mainly in Sicily trying to capture the beauty of the world with my Fuji X100V. I am in love with Elliott Erwitt’s photography and I think that David Gibson’s “Street Photographer’s Manual” is a milestone book for anyone who wants to start street photography. In 2020 I had the great satisfaction of being a finalist in three important street photography festivals, in Rome, Miami and Istanbul. In 2021 I won ImagOrbetello Photo Festival (streetphotography category)


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White buoys
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