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Matt Stuart
President of the jury

Leica Q3
Best Series Prize

Xiaomi 13 Ultra
Best Single Photo Prize

In recent times, street photography has evolved into a prevalent medium and an accessible creative outlet for numerous individuals, allowing them to portray everyday life or capture extraordinary moments.

Over the course of four years of contests, we have observed the global photographic standard, both technically and aesthetically, rise significantly, and how the language of photography has predominantly entered our everyday lives.

exibart street, a spin-off of the renowned contemporary art magazine exibart, delves into the essence of street photography and its trajectory, closely examining its intersection with art. In collaboration with Leica Camera, the fourth edition of our contest aims to discover the most exceptional talents on a global scale.

The contest is divided into two categories: Best Series and Best Single Photo.


Best Series

We will award the photographer, his style, and his photographic consistency with a series of 3 up to 9 photos. It is possible to submit as many series as you want.

Entry fee


/ per submission

Best Single Photo

We will award the single photo and its synthesis peculiarity. It is possible to submit as many single photos as you want.

Entry fee


/ per submission


The Best Series Prize Winner will win:

A Leica Q3 offered by our main sponsor
Leica Camera


Interview on exibart street online magazine

Interview on the paper magazine of contemporary art exibart

Your work will be showcased on the whole exibart contemporary network (print magazine, social networks, website)

First place award certificate signed by Matt Stuart

The Best Single Photo Prize Winner will win:

A Xiaomi 13 Ultra


Interview on exibart street Online Magazine

Your work will be showcased on the whole exibart contemporary network (print magazine, social networks, website)

First place award certificate signed by Matt Stuart

The first 10 photographers in each category will receive

Interview on exibart street
A selection of pictures will be showcased on the whole exibart contemporary network (print magazine, social networks, website)
A “Top 10” 2023 exibart street digital certificate signed by Matt Stuart

The first 100 photographers in each category will receive

A “Top 100” exibart street digital certificate


exibart street is a new editorial platform dedicated to street photography and part of the exibart magazine, the most important Italian editorial network dedicated to contemporary art.

Every day a great selection of exhibitions, books, technology, authors, and much more!

You can participate at the contest; click on the Join the contest button on the homepage www.exibartstreet.com

Make sure you have carefully read the terms and conditions before entering the contest. Finally, if you have any questions, see the FAQ page.

Once you have clicked the Join the contest button, a few steps separate you from participating. First, select the category, the photos you wish to join, and complete the payment procedure. No further steps, guaranteed.
An email will confirm that you have successfully entered the competition.

You can participate as many times as you want, without limits.


Matt Stuart

Matt Stuart (1974) is a British street photographer.[

His first book, All that Life Can Afford, chronicles his work on the streets of London from 2002-2015 is in its second edition. His work has been included in survey publications on the genre of street photography, including, Street Photography Now, Bystander: A History of Street Photography and The World Atlas of Street Photography.

His work has been widely exhibited including solo shows in Finland, England and the USA. His latest book, Into the Fire, is available from Setanta books. Matt is a member of the MAPS Photography Collective


Biba Giacchetti

Biba Giacchetti was born in Rome and studied in Paris. After obtaining her law degree, she worked for many years in communications.

For the past fifteen years, she has been working with the greatest photographers in the world, including Steve McCurry, Elliott Erwitt, James Nachtwey, Eugene Richards and Mary Ellen Mark.

In 2002 she and Giuseppe Ceroni founded Sudest57, a center of excellence for the creation of cultural projects with companies, individual clients, and fine art prints.

She is curator and author and consults with both private and corporate collectors.


Andrea Pacella

Born in 1965, he started working in Leica in 1993 and after some experiences in the course of which he specialized in advertising and communication working first for CBS Corporation and then for some Italian digital agencies, he returned to Leica Camera Italia, where in addition to his role as marketing manager, he holds the positions of director of the Leica Galerie Milano and of the Leica Akademie Italy. Now he is the Director of Global Marketing & Communication at Leica Camera AG.

He was one of the founders of the Lucca Digital Photo fest (today Photolux), and has collaborated in the organization of festivals and photographic exhibitions throughout Italy.

He also publish on Italian and international magazines, and lectures on the history of 20th century photography. He lives and works in Wetzlar.


Bouwe Brouwer

Bouwe Brouwer (1977): primary school teacher at a refugee camp; studied fine arts and was trained as an illustrator; since 2008 internationally published writer of haiku and short stories; fell in love with photography in 2013. 

He was the winner of the Best Series Prize in the last edition of the contest.


Jonathan Jasberg

He grew up in Arizona, where he developed an interest in the arts through a four-year study of film in high school. After graduating from university with a degree in Computer Science, he turned to photography as a creative outlet. In 2010, he embraced a digital nomad lifestyle, working in software while pursuing travel photography in his spare time. Now, he devotes himself to photography full-time, living as a minimalist vagabond and exploring countries that intrigue him from both cultural and photographic perspectives. 

He was the winner of the Best Single Photo Prize in the last edition of the contest



Uros Gorgone




Born in 1970.

Always active in the world of communication.

He is currently General Manager of Exibart, a publishing group dedicated to the world of contemporary art.


Eolo Perfido

Eolo Perfido is an Italian creative director and photographer based in Rome, Italy.

One of the best-known Italian Street Photographers, Leica Ambassador between 2013 and 2018, today Eolo is a Leica Certified Photographer and Leica Akademie instructor.

He is the exibart street editorial director and artistic director of the international festival of photography Molichrom:



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