Exibart Street Contest, Fourth Edition: the Finalists

We are excited to highlight the finalists of our fourth annual exibart street contest, spanning two distinct categories: Best Series and Best Single. This year’s competition drew thousands of submissions from photographers around the world, each bringing their own unique perspectives to the vibrant field of street photography.

The finalists have showcased an impressive range of themes and stories.
In the Best Series category, each photographer has told a captivating narrative through a sequence of images, demonstrating not only technical prowess but also a profound ability to connect with viewers on an emotional level. These series highlight the rhythms of urban life, the interplay of human interaction, and the subtle dramas unfolding in public spaces.

Best Series finalists (not in ranking order)


Sharon Eilon

Chris Harrison

Brian Demby

Tony Le

Andrea Peruzzi

Lu Wenpeng

Sally Coggle

Jeremy de Salle

Flavio Zamberlan

Simone Morelli

In the Best Single category, the selected photographs capture singular, powerful moments that freeze the complexities of everyday life into a single frame. These images stand out for their composition, timing, and the photographer’s eye for the extraordinary in the ordinary, offering a snapshot that speaks volumes about the world in which we live.

Best Single Photo finalists (not in ranking order)


Sudeep Lal

Beata Zawrzel

Eric Davidove

Andres Ramos Palacios

Diego Mereu

Prescott Lassman

Arez Prod

Parvathi Kumar

Francesco Ranieri

Jason Au

The jury of the fourth Exibart Street Contest consists of:

Matt Stuart:
British street photographer and President of the jury

Andrea Pacella:
Director of Global Marketing & Communication at Leica Camera AG

Biba Giacchetti:
Curator and author and consults with both private and corporate collectors; owner of agency Sudest57

Jonathan Jasberg:
Winner of the Best Single Prize in the last edition of the contest

Bouwe Brouwer:
Winner of the Best Series Prize in the last edition of the contest

Eolo Perfido:
exibart street editorial director

Uros Gorgone:
General Manager of exibart, a publishing group dedicated to the world of contemporary art

The first 10 photographers in each category will receive:
Interview on exibart street; a selection of pictures will be showcased on the whole exibart contemporary network (print magazine, social networks, website) and a “Top 10” fourth exibart street digital certificate signed by Matt Stuart.

We commend all the finalists for their exceptional work. Their contributions not only push the boundaries of street photography but also enrich our understanding of the human experience across different environments.

(cover picture: “Tribute to Saul Leiter by Midjourney 6.0”)


The winners of the contest will be announced next week!

Stay tuned!

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