Hasselblad Unveils the Design Philosophy of its Cameras on “Hasselblad’s Home” Video

Hasselblad has launched a new series on YouTube called “Hasselblad’s Home” that gives viewers an intimate look at the company’s headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. Hasselblad says that it intends to let its designers and engineers talk about their thoughts and processes regarding the development of the medium format cameras and the philosophies that are at the core of the company’s foundation of bringing Scandinavian design and craftmanship to photographers around the world.

“Our intention was to make a product that kept the traveling photographer in mind, allowing medium format to be portable, comfortable, and still high quality,” Hasselblad says.

The first episode is focused on the design philosophy behind creating the X-system. Hasselblad says that the starting point for the camera was not specifically the X1D itself, but instead the development of a design language that the company could apply to all new Hasselblad products which would eventually include the X1D II and the 907X cameras.

“We wanted to create a high-performance product with a well-defined personality that would connect to the essence of Hasselblad by using the original, classic V System as a reference,” the company says. “The orange button evolved as a vibrant accent, the final touch to balance the calm Scandinavian aesthetics. A symbol for the warmth and passion, the personal engagement and the love of imagery that is the at the core of the Hasselblad brand.”

Older Hasselblad cameras inspire the X1D. Hasselblad writes, “Looking straight on at the X1D, the family resemblance is clear with the classic square and circle with a wide Hasselblad nameplate on top from the V System next to the distinct, straight grip from the H System.”

More info on Hasselblad’s Channel.

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