Insta360 Unveils a Major Update for the Insta360 ONE R Action Cam

Insta360 has announced a significant update for its flagship interchangeable lens action camera, the Insta360 ONE R. In addition to new features, the update promises improved performance, new AI-powered editing options, a new remote and more.

Horizon Lock for 4K Mod and 1-Inch Mod
For next-level stabilization, horizon leveling is now available for the 4K Mod and 1-Inch Mod. Particularly useful for action scenes or whenever it’s difficult to hold the camera steady, Horizon Lock keeps the footage upright and level when shooting in Pro video mode (FlowState Stabilization) at 30fps.
With 360° Horizon Lock creators can access horizon leveling for full rotations along a single axis of the camera.

Loop Recording
Loop recording is a new function that allows for continuous video recording, whereby previously recorded footage is deleted to allow new footage to be captured. With any of the lens mods, ONE R can now be used as a dash cam, with a max video length of 30 minutes.
Creators can also use loop recording to shoot continuously while they wait for a key moment to happen. Imagine for instance waiting for a friend to arrive at a surprise party—just set the camera up in advance, wait for them to arrive and then stop recording once you’ve got the shot. Only the preceding minutes of footage will be saved, freeing up vital space on the memory card.

Image Quality Goes Up A Level
For epic action moments, the 4K Mod and 1-Inch Mod now have a new frame rate option of 4K 50fps, when shooting in Pro video mode. This will be a welcome addition for those who shoot in a 24/25fps workflow.
The Vivid color profile for the 1-Inch Mod has also received a complete makeover to help creators get better, more vibrant colors straight out of the camera.
In addition, four different image sharpness options are now available for all ONE R mods. Sharpness can be adjusted in-camera and offers creators greater flexibility to adjust the image quality based on personal preference, environment and other factors.

New Editing Features & Improvements
This update also introduces two new Shot Lab templates, adding to the continually growing list of smart editing templates in the Insta360 app. “Horizon Flip” automatically mirrors your surroundings in the sky for a futuristic effect.
Meanwhile, “Overtaker” is great for motorcyclists, overlaying onto the video the number of cars you pass by using a video-game-esque style.
On top of that, creators are now able to apply AquaVision 2.0 to their footage, an underwater color correction algorithm that has been improved to make colors more vivid and realistic. AquaVision 2.0 is available for all ONE R mods now, including the 360 Mod.
Car MultiView is another fun editing feature now available that displays a split screen of the road ahead and the car’s interior. With the ONE R 360 Mod mounted to the windshield or the dash, the camera captures a complete, wide-angle view in both directions. A great option for vloggers, road trippers or even “Carpool Karaoke” enthusiasts!

The ONE R update is available through the Insta360 app on iOS and Android and via Insta360’s Studio desktop software on Windows and Mac. The Insta360 ONE X2 will also receive the same updates for Shot Lab, AquaVision 2.0 and Car MultiView.

More info on Insta360’s website.

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