Street Photography in Budapest – Short Film

The Budapest Street Photography Collective (BPSPC) is a creative association of photographers who live and work in the capital. Members include full-time photographers and those who work alongside their daily work. Everyone has a different approach and style, but the ambitions are common: to accept and recognize the otherwise long and rich genre of artistic street photography in Hungary. An attitude to a family relationship is needed: street photography, the creator is already in danger of bringing the camera photo in the street.

Their community does not want to hurt, mock, judge. On the contrary, they want to capture the life of the streets to get an authentic and distortion-free image of their city and their age with their spontaneously and carefully edited photographs.
Not only do they photograph the street: they have a message with their photos and series, they always show people and their surroundings, sometimes it is grotesque, sometimes aesthetic, but it always tells a story as only the street photographer knows.

The members of BPSPC are:

Bedynski Krisztián
Chripkó Lili
Erdős Dénes
Juhász Jácint
Mónus Márton
Neményi Márton
Soós Bertalan
Szabó Bálint
Szalai Imre
Tálas Achim
Temesi Ádám
Varga Benedek

The collective was established in November 2019 with the purpose of popularizing street photography and making it accepted in Budapest.

The short film of Budapest Street Photography Collective is out now:

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