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Eiseke Oluwatosin Bolaji (Nigeria) is a documentary photographer born and working in Nigeria. He explores conceptual and global cultural narratives. His work urge us to renegotiate photography as being part of a reactive or at times commenting on oppressing themes in our contemporary society. He has worked with diverse agency in visual media and involved with programs under the African Artist Art foundation including Canon Tenaiu Storytelling Workshop, Canon Filmmaking Workshop . He is currently studying at the Nlele Institute, Lagos, His works has been exhibited by the Alliance Franciase, Fotofactory, Photcarrefour, Tunde Odunlade Gallery, and Arhneim. His photos demonstrate how life extends beyond its own subjective limits and often tells a story about the effects of global cultural interaction over the latter half of the twentieth century by taking daily life as subject matter while commenting on the everyday aesthetic of middle class values, he creates with daily, recognizable elements, an unprecedented situation in which the viewer is confronted with the conditioning of his own perception and has to reconsider his biased position and the omnipresent lingering of a ‘corporate world.


The Old woman and the Sea
The Old woman and the Sea
Nigeria, West Africa
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