Fotodiox Pro PRONTO Autofocus Leica M-Mount Adapter to Fujifilm X-Series Mirrorless Cameras

The Pro PRONTO Autofocus Adapter for Leica M-Mount Lens to FUJIFILM X-Mount Camera from FotodioX is designed to allow Leica M-mount lenses that weigh up to 1.5 lb to be used on select FUJIFILM X-mount cameras. This adapter can also improve near-range portraiture by allowing the lens to focus closer than its normal minimum focus distance. By placing space between the camera body and lens, focusing distance is shortened and the effect of magnifying your subject is created. Additionally, the adapter can be combined with separately available lens to Leica M-Mount camera adapters to enable the use of other lens types on a FUJIFILM X-mount camera.

This adapter, which supports lenses up to 680g (1.5lbs), is constructed from brass and an aluminum alloy and uses an integrated helicoid mechanism to extend and retract the lens using AF-S or AF-C contrast-detection autofocus.

The first adapter of this kind was the Techart Leica M-mount to Sony E-mount adapter released back in 2016. Fotodiox followed up with its own M-mount to E-mount adapter, but this is the first time we’ve seen one for Fujifilm X-mount cameras.

The Fotodiox Pro Pronto AF adapter is available to pre-order now for $350. The Leica M-mount to Sony E-mount version is still available for $250.

More info on Fotodiox’ website.

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