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Simone Raso is a professional photographer from Varese, located at 40 km north of Milan. His first photographic calling in his vocation is sport. Throughout his career, he has divided his time between a Winter Olympics, two World Cycling Championships, an America's Cup, basketball and football matches. In 2008, working with South Africa Tourism, he discovers nature photography. His images became advertising campaigns for SAT for the following four years. In 2013, he is offered the unique opportunity to become one of the few photographers licensed for air-to-air photography. From the partnership with Alenia Aeronautica it has been realized the book "Master M346, a flying dream”. He is chosen by the photographic agency LaPresse to document sporting events in his city and his photos are published in all major newspapers and national magazines.


The preacher
The preacher
Mathare, Nairobi, Kenya
Daily life in TOKYO
Daily life in TOKYO
Tokyo, Japan
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