Michael Schmidt: A new German Perspective

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the birth of Michael Schmidt, the Jeu de Paume presents an important [...]

Nikon Announces the Development of a Compact 28mm f/2.8 and 40mm f/2 Prime Lens for Z-Mount

Alongside the announcement of two new Z-mount macro prime lenses, Nikon has confirmed that two more roadmapped lenses are coming [...]

Hasselblad Releases the Second Episode About their Design Decisions

Hasselblad is back with another video in its ongoing behind-the-scenes series, ‘Hasselblad’s Home.’ In the inaugural video, titled ‘The Design [...]

Bertien van Manen: Archive

Since the 1970s, Dutch photographer Bertien van Manen has created intimate and poignant photographs of commonplace scenes, produced during extended [...]

Wandrd Unveils the ROAM Sling, a Versatile Bags with Innovative Laptop Carry

On Kickstarter WANDRD releases the ROAM Sling and patent-pending Laptop Carry — the perfect camera solution and everyday carry for [...]

Canon Teases more Photos and Specifications about the EOS R3

Following up on the announcement of the development of Canon’s most powerful professional full-frame camera, the EOS R3, Canon has [...]

Julie Hrudová: Chasing Amsterdam

Photographer Julie Hrudová has been taking weekly street photos in Amsterdam for a section in a local newspaper called Het [...]

WD Unveils SanDisk Professional Storage Solutions

Western Digital unveiled the new SanDisk Professional brand of premium storage solutions for content creators and professionals. From producing the [...]

The World Deserves Witnesses

THE WORLD DESERVES WITNESSES is the new Leica worldwide advertising, video, and print. A witness, someone who sees what others simply [...]

Bruno Barbey: Color of China

In memory of Magnum Photos member Bruno Barbey (passed away last November) who documented the conflict and celebrated beauty around [...]

Fill the Frame: a New Street Photography Documentary

Fill The Frame, directed by Tim Huynh, follows eight contemporary New York City street photographers. The film takes an in-depth [...]

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