7Artisans Unveils the 18mm f/6.3 II Cap Lens for APS-C Cameras

7Artisans has released an extremely inexpensive 18mm f/6.3 II ultra-thin-cap lens that differs significantly from the company’s previous version. The 18mm f/6.3 II cap lens is a $59 super-thin lens designed to look like a body cap but offers a wide-angle lens instead. According to 7Artisans, the slim size of the optic makes it ideal for casual walkaround filming, while the wide angle focal length suits street and documentary shooting applications.

The 18mm lens has an equivalent focal length of 27mm when mounted on a compatible APS-C camera (76-degree angle of view). The lens has a close focusing distance of 0.3 meters, a weight of 58 grams, and is not filter-compatible.

The original 18mm f/6.3 cap lens looks very different from this new, updated version. While both lenses have a fixed aperture and no diaphragm blades, 7Artisans’ first cap lens was only available for the Canon EOS-M mount and Micro Four Thirds, which are no longer accessible for the new alternative that works with Fujifilm X-mount, Nikon Z-mount, and Sony E-mount.

The updated 18mm f/6.3 II improves the original’s optical formula without using extra glass lenses. The old version employed a six-element-in-four-group design, but the new version employs a six-element-in-five-group design. The two lenses have one thing in common: they are made entirely of metal.

The 18mm f/6.3 II ultra-thin cap lens now features an adjustable focus distance of 0.3m to infinity and is marketed as “thinner than a biscuit.”

Here are some sample pictures:

The 7Artisans 18mm f/6.3 II Cap Lens for APS-C cameras is now available for $59 from both the company’s online store and Pergear.

More info on 7Artisans’ website.

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