7Artisans Unveils a 9mm f/5.6 Full-Frame Lens

7Artisans has unveiled a new 9mm f/5.6 full-frame ultra-wide prime lens for the most popular mirrorless mounts, with a 132-degree viewing angle and a relatively short focusing distance. For reference, once the angle of view reaches 180 degrees, a lens is described as a fisheye.

The new 9mm f/5.6 lens has an extremely large volume of internal optics, with 16 elements organized into 12 groups. Two aspherical, three high-refractive and two extra-low dispersion glass lenses are among them. The optical formula, when combined, provides outstanding image quality, sharpness, and little distortion even at the frame’s edges. It has a five-bladed aperture diaphragm that offers 10-pointed sun stars and an aperture range of f/5.6 to f/22.

The wide-angle can produce dramatically exaggerated photographs because of its ability to focus as near as 20cm from the sensor. Given the lens’s length of roughly 7.7cm, it has a relatively short working distance, which 7Artisans claims, combined with the wide angle of vision, makes it excellent for video and photo makers.

It weighs only 463 grams, which the firm claims is not bad for a walk-around optic.

Here are some sample pictures:

The 7Artisans 9mm f/5.6 is now available for $479 through 7Artisans and Pergear.

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