A New Nikon Z Autofocus Lens Adapter “Canikon” from Kipon

Exciting news for all the street photographers who use Nikon Z system.

Kipon will announce the world’s first autofocus adapter for Nikon Z mirrorless cameras at the CP+ show that starts next week in Japan.

This adapter is for using Canon EF, EF-S, Sigma EF mount, Tamron EF mount lenses on new Nikon Z mount full frame cameras, can realize autofocus functions.

Kipon is currently working on another new Nikon Z autofocus adapter:manual lens to Nikon Z autofocus adapter with built-in motor.

Kipon already announced 20 different non-AF Nikon Z lens adapters. New tilt-shift and focal reducer lines are also coming soon.

More info on Kipon’s website.

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