Adobe Camera Raw is Coming to Photoshop on the iPad

Adobe has announced that RAW photo editing support is coming to its Photoshop iPad app, allowing photographers to import and open raw images on the tablet just as on Photoshop on desktop.

Photoshop for iPad — which was originally announced in November of 2019 — has seen several notable updates in that time. For example, in October 2020, it received the edit image size feature and live stream support. Three months before that, Adobe added the refine edge brush to the app. The app has also recently received the healing brush and magic wand and custom brushes this year, among other updates.

Ryan Dumlao, Senior Product Manager for Photoshop on the iPad, gives a hands-on demo in the video below.

As Dumlao says, ACR on iPad will support the same raw files as ACR in Photoshop on desktop, including the ProRAW format from recent high-end iPhone models.

Ryan Dumlao also demonstrates how photographers will be able to use the RAW editing capabilities to import and open camera RAW file formats on the go and make both minor and relatively robust adjustments to files. Additionally, the app supports the ability to import RAWs as an ACR Smart Object which retains RAW information that can then be imported as a PSD for further editing on the desktop version of Photoshop.

For much more on Photoshop for all platforms and other Adobe software, like Lightroom, stay tuned for Adobe MAX on October 26-28.

More info on Adobe’s website.

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