Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris: Waves

A pandemic logbook by Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris in words and images, with gorgeous Cape Cod panoramas and poetical meditations.

“Far from the vibrant urban worlds where I’ve often photographed, I followed the subtle movements of time and tide, wind and water. Meanwhile, Rebecca photographed the waves of light as they washed through our house of many windows—and wrote spare text pieces to try to emotionally navigate this unsettling time, when so many we know have been caught in its undertow.” – Alex Webb, May 2021

Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novel The Waves, this collaborative project brings together the work of creative partners Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb. This intimate collection serves as a pandemic logbook in words and images, created while the couple was largely sequestered on Cape Cod from March 2020 through May 2021. Rebecca provides original, handwritten poetry that punctuates her lyrical photographs and Alex’s panoramic seascapes. Their images serve as poignant meditations on what it means to be both deeply connected to the world around us and profoundly isolated from much that we hold dear.

About the Authors

Alex Webb (born 1952) has published more than 15 photography books, including the survey The Suffering of Light. His most recent books include La Calle: Photographs from Mexico and the collaboration Brooklyn: The City Within, with Rebecca Norris Webb.

Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb

Originally a poet, Rebecca Norris Webb (born 1956) often interweaves her text and photographs in her nine books, most notably with her monograph, My Dakota. Her most recent book, Night Calls, was published by Radius Books in 2020.

Hardcover: 108 pages
Publisher: Radius Books (July 19, 2022)
Language: English
Weight: 2.5 pounds
ISBN-10: 1942185960
ISBN-13: 978-1942185963

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