Arnaud Montagard: The Road Not Taken

Arnaud Montagard: The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken by Arnaud Montagard investigates classic visual themes of Americana and touches upon some of the ideas laid down by the Beat poets. Leaving the fast-paced city life behind and setting off on a journey into the American psyche. As an outsider who moved to New York some years ago, Arnaud’s images are informed and inspired by the greats that preceded him, but also announce his own unique style.

”Time, most of all–its texture, its tonalities, the emotional atmosphere of temporal passage and spiral. The photograph nods its respect to time. It bows in deference.
Where, in time, is love? Where is it not?
These photographs by Arnaud Montagard could have been made decades ago. The most evident presence of the present in them is in the vitality of their love for the past, the active yearn toward what already lies behind. Commercial signs in outmoded fonts. Old motels, diners, rural gas stations. Cars with bodies that stretch long and low like the road they were built for.” Preface by Leah Ollman, writer Los Angeles Times.

About the Author

Arnaud Montagard (b.1991) is a French photographer, he currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. His photography focuses on composition and details, creating an atmosphere that is often referencing the work of famous American realist painters. With an emphasis on minimalism, his photography creates a new angle on an ordinary detail.

A portrait of Arnaud Montagard

There is a timeless elegance that Arnaud Montagard captures in his photography that echoes work by painters such as Edward Hopper but also pioneering color photographers such as Stephen Shore & William Eggleston. Choosing to capture isolated figures caught in their own thoughts, staring out of view. Arnaud is always looking to bring every day to life. Focusing on the details that might otherwise pass us by.
“My work is above all a story about light. The strong shadows create a feeling that makes the pictures look like paintings.” (Arnaud Montagard)

Cloth cover with tip-in: 110 pages, 53 images
Edition: limited to 750 copies
Publisher: Setanta Publishing (Jun 11, 2020)
Language: English
Size: 9 x 10.6 inches
Weight: 2.2 pounds

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