Autel Introduces the EVO Max 4T Drone

Autel has launched the EVO Max 4T drone, which can fly semi-autonomously and is outfitted with two high-resolution cameras, including a telephoto option with a 10x optical magnification, and an infrared camera. Autel is positioning the EVO Max 4T as suited for both consumer and enterprise applications, and the company’s marketing heavily emphasizes its use in search and rescue and law enforcement.

The EVO Max 4T has three cameras, although only two are likely to be of interest to photographers and filmmakers. The principal system is a 50-megapixel wide-angle device with a Type 1/1.28 CMOS sensor. The second camera is a 48-megapixel telephoto lens with 10x optical zoom and up to 160x digital zoom via its Type 1/2 CMOS sensor. The EVO Ma 4T can capture 8K video. The final camera is an infrared device with a 640 by 512-pixel resolution and a 1.2-kilometer range.

“The EVO Max 4T has a versatile payload bay that allows for a variety of sensors to be used for a wide range of applications,” the company explains. “Its Enterprise App is specifically designed to revolutionize the cooperation between drones and pilots. This drone can perform multiple semi-autonomous flight missions, autonomous pathfinding, live streaming, and target acquisition, and also includes various smart accessibility features. Potential applications for the EVO Max 4T include search and rescue, firefighting support, mapping, and inspection.”

According to the company, the sensor array gives the drone with complete knowledge about its surroundings, with no blind areas. The EVO Max 4T is the first commercial drone to integrate standard binocular vision systems with millimeter-wave radar technology. This enables the EVO Max 4T’s inbuilt Autel Autonomy Engine to detect objects as small as 0.5 inch and to operate in low-light or rainy situations. Autel further says that these sensors allow it to navigate easily behind protected structures, underground, or in conditions where global positioning is unavailable.

Furthermore, the EVO Max 4T can automatically identify and latch onto numerous types of targets such as heat sources, moving persons, or vehicles, as well as perform high-altitude tracking and data collecting — features specifically designed to law enforcement.

The EVO Max 4T has a maximum flying length of 42 minutes, a service ceiling of 23,000 feet, a transmission range of up to 12.4 miles (a 1080p, 60 frames per second feed), and a wind resistance of 27 miles per hour, according to Autel. The IP43 weather resistance rating is also applied to the drone.

The EVO Max 4T works with Autel’s A-Mesh 1.0 system, which Autel says is the drone industry’s first mesh networking solution for drone-to-drone autonomous communication, connection, and collaboration.

More info on Autel’s website.

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