Calibrite Unveils the Display 123

Calibrite, formerly known as X-Rite, has unveiled the Display 123, a monitor calibrator geared not at photographers or filmmakers, the typical target audience for display calibration, but at the average computer user.

“Get and keep your monitor color right for editing, gaming and any time color-accurate viewing is important (like clothes shopping or home decorating),” Calibrite says in the press release. “The Calibrite Display 123 is a simple display calibration tool that ensures genuine colors with effortless accuracy. Calibrite claims that the simple design and user-friendly software allow to enhance visuals, edit with confidence, boost creativity, and make buying and decorating selections more accurate.

The Display 123 has fewer steps to use than any of Calibrite’s or X-Rite’s previous calibrators. Users must connect the calibrator to the monitor, set the display brightness to “Native” or “Photo,” launch the Calibrite Profiler software, and instruct the device to start. From there, the Display 123 runs its calibration automatically and, once finished, displays a “before and after” so consumers can see what it has done.

The Display 123 is so simple that it does not appear to tell the user what color gamut it is calibrating monitors to, and it can only calibrate up to two monitors at once, both of which require USB-C connectivity.

Calibrite indicated the Display 123 will be available soon and will cost $120.

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