Canon Discontinues the EOS M Camera System

Canon is ending the EOS M system, removing the cameras from its websites, and listing the series as discontinued. While Canon USA’s website still lists EF-M lenses, all but one are “out of stock”; only the 22mm f/2 STM lens is still available. Given that Canon no longer advertises any EOS M cameras on its website, it appears doubtful that these lenses will be restocked.

While Canon USA removed the camera listings from its website, Canon Japan went further. According to Canon Rumors, the EOS M series of cameras has been relegated to the company’s “old products” or “discontinued products” section. Canon’s EOS M cameras, including the most recent addition to the range, the EOS M50 Mark II (known as the EOS Kiss M2 in Japan), were launched in the fall of 2020.

As customary with discontinuations, Canon did not make a public announcement, instead discreetly putting the mirrorless APS-C camera line to pasture.

However, the launch of the R100 earlier this year spelled the end of the EOS M.

“The Canon EOS R100 camera was designed for new, first-time mirrorless camera or existing interchangeable camera users who previously enjoyed EOS Rebel or EOS M cameras,” the company stated at the time.

Fans of the EOS M line have publicly protested that the RF mount isn’t ready to replace the EF-M mount yet, as lens support is severely limited in contrast to what was available for the EF-M mount. While Canon has released a few APS-C RF camera bodies, the RF-S lens line is limited to three lenses, all zooms with variable apertures and none fast.

Canon has not been deterred, and the EOS M will be phased out throughout its territories shortly.

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