Canon Japan Announces Prices Increases on 19 Cameras and 42 Lenses

Prices for 65 imaging goods from Canon Japan, such as DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, compact cameras, and more, would be going up shortly, as stated by Canon Japan. Currently, only the Japanese market is affected by these pricing changes, but a Canon spokesman informs us that other regional subsidiaries reserve the right to do the same.

Although Canon Marketing Japan claims to have made every effort to keep product pricing stable, this is no longer possible with internal corporate efforts alone. As a result, it will start raising the cost of almost all of its DSLR and mirrorless cameras and lenses from November 4. This includes the prices of the Canon EOS R5 C, the XF605 professional video camera, two compact cameras, 19 interchangeable lens cameras, and 42 interchangeable lenses.

The price hikes, which vary from 1-2% for some products to 10% for others, are generally consistent with the recent data on near-global inflation. Although these specific price hikes are only applicable to the Japanese market, a Canon spokesperson responded as follows when asked if this will have an impact on other regions of the world:

“Canon Marketing Japan is a subsidiary of Canon Inc., – they decided to raise prices and have the discretion to do so just like a dealer or Canon Solutions America can do here in the states.

A complete list of affected cameras and lenses may be found on Canon’s website, which is grouped into PDFs by image division.

However, certain price hikes that started in Japan have recently spread to the west, such as a pair of RF and EF lenses that experienced their second price increase in five months earlier this year.

More info on Canon’s website.

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