Capture One Launches the iPad App

Capture One has announced its long-awaited iPad app. The company says it isn’t intended to replace the desktop experience but work as its best companion.

Capture One first announced an iPad version of its popular photo editor a year ago. Since then, we’ve seen snippets and teases of the iPad app, including in March when Capture One shared its roadmap for 2022. At that time, Capture One CEO, Rafael Orta, said, ‘Our plan, as we bring Capture One Live, Capture One for iPad, and Capture One for iPhone to the table alongside Capture One Pro for desktop, is to give photographers the most powerful ecosystem of creative and collaborative tools that give them the liberty of working anywhere in the world, anytime, and with anyone. And further equipped with easy file transfer, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off on your creative process across devices.’

“With the Capture One iPad app you can plug your camera directly into your iPad, import hundreds of photos, organize them and get to culling,” the company explains. “See your images in all their glory on the iPad screen, quickly swipe through them, and rate or color tag them. Filter your best ones and start editing using either Styles or manual adjustments.”

After photographers finish editing, Capture One envisions them showing images directly on the iPad screen to team members or clients while together on location. The app will also be able to export JPEGs.

“If you would like to refine your images even further when you get home, upload your album to the cloud, import it into Capture One Pro on desktop, and continue working exactly from where you left off,” Capture One adds.

The design and interface are also a departure from what Capture One users might expect and the editing company explains that its developers had to make an entirely new interface for the best user experience on the mainly touch-based system.

“We have chosen to launch the iPad app with a reduced set of features that we are confident in. The first version is not the final version, but it is a version we are proud to share and that we think will bring a lot of value to our community of photographers,” the company explains.

“We are happy about the features it will offer you, and we are proud of the quality, reliability, and performance of the app. It is a great starting point for the future, and we have tons of things in the pipeline for you.”

Capture One for iPad is available at $4.99 per month.

More info on Capture One’s website.

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