Cosina Announces the New Voigtlander Nokton Vintage 50mm f/1.5 Aspherical II VM Lens

Cosina has announced the release of its new Voigtlander Nokton Vintage Line 50mm f/1.5 Aspherical II VM lens, an updated version of its predecessor, which was released back in June 2013, in six variations of exterior design and coating.

Nokton is the title given to large-diameter lenses of f/1.5 or less among Voigtlander lenses. The first Nokton was developed in 1950. At that time, it was regarded as a lens that could shoot even under low light conditions. In today’s world where the sensitivity of image sensors has increased, it is attracting attention that the large blur caused by opening the aperture can be used as a photographic expression.

The second-generation lens features an entirely redesigned optics system and a more compact body to match. It’s constructed of eight elements in seven groups, has an aperture range of f/1.5-f/16, uses a 12-blade aperture diaphragm, and has a minimum focusing distance of 70cm (27.5”). The lens measures in at just 55mm (2.17”) diameter and 37mm (1.5”) in length.

The corresponding mount is a VM mount, and there are three types of exterior variations: silver and black, which use aluminum material, and nickel and black paint finish, which is nickel-plated and black-painted brass material. In addition, MC (multi-coating) and SC (single-coating) lens coating lenses are available for each exterior. In its own words, Cosina says the MC version ‘aims to reproduce colors as neutral as possible’ while the single coating ‘reproduces classical colors.’

Here a sample gallery of images provided by Cosina:

The Japan launch date is October 22 for all models and pricing is listed at ¥100,000 ($950) for the aluminum models and ¥115,000 ($1,100) for the brass model.

More info on Cosina’s website.

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