Datacolor Unveils the Spyder X2 Elite and X2 Ultra Display Calibrators

The Spyder X2 Elite and X2 Ultra are Datacolor’s newest color calibration tools for displays, delivering precise color calibration in under two minutes. The updated calibration tools include re-engineered software with a more concise UI and advanced calibration features that take advantage of the device’s new and expanded sensor capabilities. These tools can replace the original Spyder X, released over four years ago and featuring a completely redesigned color engine with significantly increased calibration speeds, better low-light capabilities, and improved color accuracy.

The Spyder X2 Ultra is perfect for pictures, video, hybrid applications, and watching HDR and high-brightness content on computer-connected TVs and projectors since it enables “calibration of HDR and high-brightness monitors up to 2,000 cd/m2 (nits),” according to Datacolor.

“The Spyder X2 Elite provides color customization, control and accuracy that Spyder is renowned for with the option for a seamless and affordable software upgrade to Spyder X2 Ultra without the need to purchase any additional hardware,” the company adds.

For the X2 Elite and X2 Ultra devices, the revised software for the X2 series calibration tools delivers a cleaner and more streamlined user experience, making it exceedingly simple for beginners and pros to receive the most accurate colors from a display. For professionals, this includes a set of advanced calibration features, such as video and cinema targets (REC. 709, REC. 2020), unlimited calibration settings, studio match settings for multiple side-by-side calibrations, and advanced display mapping and analysis that allows users to drill down to the very specific details of their displays’ capabilities.

“We’ve designed the Spyder X2 platform with its re-engineered software and expanded sensor capabilities to be inherently agile and adaptable to HDR/high-brightness monitor advancements across various digital imaging industries,” says Casey Krugman, product manager at Datacolor. “This helps ensure that our products are positioned to grow with our users and seamlessly adapt to ever-changing technologies.”

The Datacolor Spyder X2 Elite and Spyder X2 Ultra color calibration tools, which cost $269 and $299, respectively, are now available for purchase.

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