DJI Osmo Action Camera: a Worthy GoPro Hero 7 Black Rival

As rumored before here, DJI just announced the Osmo Action, the company’s first action camera. It’s a direct competitor to GoPro’s Hero 7 Black, matching it on almost every spec while also offering a few completely unique features, like a front-facing selfie screen.

From a technical point of view the DJI Osmo Action features a durable design that’s dustproof, shockproof (from drops up to 1.5m), waterproof (down to 11m without any housing), and freezeproof (down to -10°C).

There are color screens built into both the front and the back of the camera, “a unique design feature that allows for more convenient scene composition while on the move,” DJI says. The back screen measures 2.25 inches and is a touchscreen that repels water and fingerprints. The front screen is a 1.4-inch display that is designed to make shooting vlogging and selfies easier. The screens feature a brightness of 750 nits, allowing them to be used in direct sunlight.

The Osmo Action has a 12 megapixel camera capable of 4K 60 fps video at 100 Mbps or 240 fps video at 1080. You will not be disappointed with the stabilization. Last fall, the GoPro Hero 7 Black introduced some of the best stabilization action cameras had seen, and the Osmo Action’s RockSteady feature is up to par.
The sensor sits behind a three-glass aspherical lens that reduces warping and distortion. There’s also an anti-fingerprint and anti-reflective coatings.
The Osmo Action can shoot High Dynamic Range (HDR) video, capturing an extra 3 stops of dynamic range to preserve details that are often lost in difficult lighting conditions.

On design side the Action looks a lot like a GoPro. Isn’t a coincidence that it’s roughly the same shape and size.

This DJI Osmo Action Camera will be familiar to the very GoPro customers and it also means there will be a good slice of GoPro’s accessory catalog (including some you already own) that will be compatible, provided they have GoPro’s proprietary three-pronged connector.

The most noticeable difference is the Action’s front-facing selfie screen, instead of having to open an app, you can actually glance down and check your framing on the camera’s front-facing screen. And finally there are the screwable lens covers. The Action has ND filters for bright, sunny days, and they won’t fall off when you jump in the water, thanks to the screw-on mounting system. Plus, if your lens gets scratched, a replacement is easy to do on your own.

The new DJI Osmo Action is available now from DJI with a price tag of $349. It’ll hit store shelves on May 22nd, 2019.

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