Dubblefilm Announces the CINEMA 35mm Made from Repurposed Movie Film

Dubblefilm, a specialty 35mm film and analog camera manufacturer, has launched a new movie-inspired color film named CINEMA that is made from repurposed movie film. CINEMA is a fast ISO 800 color film for 35mm cameras and is made from movie camera film. The company has removed the protective remjet layer to make it suitable for stills capture. The fast film promises “epic colors, insane tones at night, halo effect around bright red lights and a bluish tone in daylight.”

“We are truly excited to finally launch our new color film CINEMA after many months of planning and testing! CINEMA is a fast iso 800 color 35mm film. We have used film for movie cameras and removed the protective remjet layer to make it more accessible for all 35mm film shooters!” Adam Scott of Dubblefilm said, “As we all know there has been a serious drought of color film worldwide the last few months, so we are incredibly happy to be able to provide a new stock in the Dubblefilm family to quench the analog thirst!”

While the new film is available for sale, a few developmental kinks are still being worked out. Removing the remjet, or removable jet black layer, and spooling the film is time-consuming. There may be light leaks in the first two or three frames with some films. If you’re using an electronic camera with DX readers, you must manually apply an included DX code sticker.

Remjet is a protective layer on the base of motion picture film that protects from light piping, base scratches, static, and halation of highlights in an exposure. It is a removable jet black layer that is made of carbon particles and was used on the famous Kodachrome stills film made by Kodak. However, the use of remjet on Kodacrhome made the process of development extremely complicated and had to be done by professional technicians. Remjet can’t be used when employing standard still film processing.

Here are some sample pictures:

Dubblefilm Cinema film is on sale directly from Dubblefilm for $19.25. The film is also available in a two-pack for $37.44 and a five-pack for $90.92.

More info on Dubblefilm’s website.

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