Dubblefilm Glitch Film Imitates Distorted VHS Tracking Effects

Glitch, a new special effect black and white film from Dubblefilm, is intended to emulate the TV glitch and VHS tracking effects that were popular during the analog television era. The same visual distortion and static seen on old VHS tapes and in classic television clips can now be captured in a still image, according to Dubblefilm, in a unique look that will allow photographers and videographers to experiment with something very different than what is typically found in the 35mm film space.

“Glitch has a fun-to-animate character, giving shooters many creative possibilities. With its TV glitch and VHS tracking effects, this film is sure to be a hit with fans of 90’s lo-fi effects,” the company says. “Glitch has a fun-to-animate character, giving shooters many creative possibilities, especially fans of 90’s lo-fi effects.”

According to Dubblefilm’s creator and CEO, Adam Scott, the film’s aesthetic will undoubtedly make traditionalists incredibly angry and cynical. Still, it hasn’t stopped his company from producing unconventional films in the past, and it won’t stop them this time, either. According to the studio, the film’s tones lack fine grain and instead focus on “pure VHS madness.” It joins Dubblefilm’s extensive catalog of specialized films. Here are a few more Glitch-captured example photographs that all exhibit the “VHS” appearance the company was going for and how it appears slightly different on each exposure.

Dubblefilm Glitch is available through the company’s website in single rolls, two-packs, and five-packs for $13, $25, and $58, respectively.

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