Dubblefilm Introduces a Reusable “Disposable 35mm Camera”

Dubblefilm, the brand best known for its unique film stocks, has launched its first 35mm camera called “The Show”. This camera is basically a reusable “disposable camera” with a flash that’s really cheap to buy and fun to use.

This lightweight camera features a 32mm lens with an aperture of f/8 that focuses from 1m to ∞ and shoots with a shutter speed of 1/125s. The viewfinder has 70% coverage, and there’s a manual film rewind on the top of the body.

“SHOW can use any color or black-and-white 35mm film,” dubblefilm says. “We recommend 100/200 speed film for very sunny conditions and 400 speed and above for normal conditions.”

Like with a disposable camera, operating the SHOW is extremely simple:

The SHOW will be sold at $65 through the dubblefilm website and comes with a cotton neck strap, a custom Nähe case by Hightide Japan, and Riso printed instructions illustrated by Jose A. Roda.

More info on dubblefilm’s website.

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