Dulens Introduces the APO Mini Vintage Series Primes

Hong Kong manufacturer Dulens has announced the APO Mini Primes, a lightweight, compact, and affordable series of full-frame prime lenses with user-interchangeable PL and EF mounts. With Mini Prime, the manufacturer Dulens wants to reach audiences looking for vintage-style lenses with traditional operation functions and a consistent look across a whole set.

The Dulens APO mini primes feature a cinema housing with a non-extending or rotating front and a long smooth focus throw with zero backlash making them ideal for usage on higher-end productions. The Dulens mini primes are the smallest large format cine primes and are ideal for small-scale productions and those working with drones, gimbals, and other applications where a small-scale and lightweight camera build is paramount.
All of the Dulens mini primes have a generous image circle covering any Large format camera, including Red Monstro and Arri LF. The 58 and 85mm will even cover the ARRI Alexa 65.

The current line up of the Dulens APO mini prime series is 31,43,58 and 85mm. Dulens is working on more focal length and we soon expect the arrival of a 21mm lens.
Dulens is researching even wider and much longer focal lengths with the same design philosophy. All of the optics in Dulens APO mini primes are original designs and not just re-releases of vintage optics, instead they are inspired by classic designs but recalculated with modern methods with both the intent to diminish chromatic aberrations and have high MTF (contrast and resolution). Another important feature of this lens series is that the lenses can easily be intercutted and have the same contrast, color, and flare properties.

The Dulens APO Mini Primes weigh in at between 1.1-1.2 lbs / 510-550g depending on the focal length. They all feature a common 82mm front and the ability to use a 72mm filter. Like a lot of affordable cine primes, they feature markings in both feet and meters. Feet markings are on the operator’s side and meter markings are on the non-operator side.

The lenses are now available to pre-order for $999 USD each. Dulens is also selling the complete four lens set for $3,899.00 USD.

More info on Dulens’ website.

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