DxO PhotoLab Introduces a New Wide Gamut Color Control

The PhotoLab software has received an update from DxO that offers far more robust control over the color and enables users to mimic different ink and paper combinations during soft proofing.

The company says this new version of PhotoLab (version 6.3) will give users greater color control for soft proofing, expand the performance of DxO’s Wide Gamut, and give photographers the option to edit JPEG and TIFF files from inside the new color space. The company targets its software for photographers who demand the highest quality and control.

The company claims that by incorporating paper and ink simulations, the new Soft Proofing tools will allow photographers to create photographs with a great deal more accuracy when preparing them for print and exhibition.

When switching to smaller color spaces, the soft proofing palette’s Retain Color Details slider will help preserve color details in the image’s highly saturated sections. The additional features are easily accessed by checking a box on the current tool to turn on the paper and ink simulations according to the chosen ICC Profiles.

The addition of JPEG and TIFF compatibility was essential for users to fully utilize the new working color space, which was created to give photographers the best color workflow for their RAW files. The company claims this new enhancement covers a larger spectrum of color ranges in these formats than sRGB and RGB can.

The 6.3 software update has enlarged the cropping tool capabilities to view the complete image region in addition to the new color space tools, going beyond what photo editors generally display when cropping.

“Photo editing software typically crops an image as it corrects distortions, making the image conform to the standard ratio of the camera. This can cause part of the image to be lost. Sometimes photographers might want to access the maximum image projected by the lens and DxO PhotoLab 6.3 offers this option when using the Crop tool,” DxO says.

Finally, PhotoLab 6.3 includes a new Optics Module that enables users to continue working in the same application rather than switching to a different one.

The Basic edition of the new DxO PhotoLab 6.3 costs $139, while the Elite edition costs $219, and can be downloaded right now from the DxO website. Current users will be able to upgrade from within the program without charge.

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