Elinchrom Unveils an iOS App to Controls up to 20 Strobes Simultaneously

Elinchrom has released a new app for iPhone and iPad devices that allows you to control compatible Elinchrom lighting equipment from your mobile device when paired using the Elinchrom Bridge. The company had previously released a desktop application for macOS and Windows called Elinchrom Studio. Now many of those same features are available on iOS devices with the launch of the Elinchrom app.

Photographers can now control their Elinchrom lighting setup in the easiest and fastest way from a mobile device.
This application will not only help photographers with complex setups but also basic 2 units setups. Users can now control and change the settings of their lights faster than ever. You can also create up to four groups in the app with dedicated colors for easy organization and can adjust the name, color, and strobes in each group. Finally, there’s even an option to save custom setups so you can easily recall lighting setups when you have to move locations or come back another day.

The Elinchrom Bridge is the required link between enabled Elinchrom units and mobile devices running the Elinchrom App. A wide range of Elinchrom units is supported, from older range D-Lite RX’s to the latest ELC 125/500.

Combined with the Elinchrom Bridge, the Elinchrom App enables you to:

  • Control enabled Elinchrom units from your iOS device to make your workflow fast and efficient.
  • Manage advanced settings from the App while the Elinchrom Transmitter handles exposure and synchronization.
  • Keep an overview of your lighting setup from the dashboard.
  • Quickly access each unit’s settings even when they are out of reach.
  • Save custom setups, saving you set up time for your next shoot.

Follow the compatibility chart:

The Elinchrom app is free to download in the iOS App Store for iOS and iPadOS devices.
The Elinchrom Bridge, the required link between enabled Elinchrom units and the Elinchrom App is available separately at $125.

More info on Elinchrom’s website.

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