Fabien Voileau: The Life of Others

La vie des autres (The Lives of Others) is the new photographic book by Fabien Voileau: a personal, aesthetic, and poetic visual story that tells the synergy between man and the elements, from Australia to Japan, passing through the United States and France.

“I am happy (and a little stressed, I admit) to present my first photographic book to you. The result of five years of work, he immersed himself in two environments full of contradictions: the ocean and the megalopolis. LA VIE DES AUTRES is a 144-page art book printed in France on high-quality paper, containing 80 of my most loved photos from this period. Cover woven with hot stamping, accompanied by a text by Marc Bettinelli. The members of the Les Others collective, who have already demonstrated their know-how in print publications, accompany me in the conception, production, and realization of this book. The goal is to create a unique and high-quality art project”. (F.V.)

Voileau has started a crowdfunding campaign on the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank platform:

About the Author

Born in 1984. Based in Paris. Fabien is a French photographer. His work describes a love of the great outdoors and a passion for intimate portraits.

A portrait of Fabien Voileau

Growing up near the French coastal city of Nantes, Fabien has maintained a deep bond with the ocean which leads him to work frequently in Australia, California, and the French Basque Country. Fabien is a member of the Patagonian “Change Makers” community. His work has been exhibited in Paris and Tokyo. His commercial clients include Burberry, Oris, Vice, Peugeot, Quicksilver, Le Monde, Ruinart, Air France Madame, Nike, Samsung, Talisker.

After over a decade of tweaking his style, he has seen his work gain notoriety in recent years in Europe. Self-taught, his career is original and surprising. Fabien left the school system very young. He spent his youth on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast of France, interested more in motorbike rides, surf sessions, and fishing parties than in school. He began photography by borrowing a Canon AE1 camera from his father in 1980. In 2007, Fabien Voileau decided to leave the French countryside that saw him grow up to live in Australia. It will be a major turning point in his life. He is fascinated by calm deserts and remote areas. A magical feeling that he will now look around the world: California, the Middle East, North Africa, and Dharamsala, home of the Dalai Lama, he was a student for a week. Fabien Voileau’s work reflects the desire for the escape of young people from all over the world.

Couverture tissée avec marquage à chaud: 144 pages, 80 photos
Language: French
Text by: Marc Bettinelli
ISBN-13: 978-2492084003

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