Film Ferrania Unveils the P33 Black and White 35mm Film

Film Ferrania, an Italian film production with over a century of expertise producing photographic and cinematographic film, has announced the release of a new 35mm black-and-white feature, the company’s third. The company created the new P33 160 ISO film from the ground up, with the goal of providing a more versatile experience.
Film Ferrania created the new film from the ground up to provide photographers a smoother, more versatile photography experience.

In the mid-twentieth century, Italian film directors Pier Paolo Pasolini, Vittorio De Sica, Roberto Rossellini, and Federico Fellini used Film Ferrania P30 stock in some of their most notable works. The company’s R&D team continues to make unique black-and-white films for photographers and artists, fusing tradition and innovation into its products.

Here are some sample pictures taken by Gabriele Micalizzi:

Film Ferrania’s options include P30 and Orto, which have 80 and 50 ISOs, respectively. The P30 and Orto films are available in 35mm and 120mm formats.

“P33 represents the culmination of the Ferrania R&D team’s mission to offer photography enthusiasts with a product that blends the timeless qualities of analog tradition with cutting-edge technological advancements,” according to the company.

In terms of style, the new P33 has fine grain and sharp contrast. This panchromatic film is adaptable enough for both seasoned pros and those with less experience, making it a viable alternative for analog photographers of all skill levels. The 160 ISO increases adaptability, making it suitable both outdoor and indoor shooting with available light and flash. It provides 36 exposures per film.

The Film Ferrania P33 is available on Ferrania’s website for $11 per roll. It will also be available from authorized Film Ferrania dealers. Film Ferrania has also released a film processing chart for the new P33 stock.

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