Fujifilm Has Discontinued the Production of Its Pro 400H Color Negative Film

Sad news: FUJIFILM has announced that it is discontinuing production of both 35mm and 120 format versions of its much beloved PRO 400H color negative film.
Announced on its website, the company says that it has become “increasingly difficult to procure the raw materials needed to produce PRO 400H”. It appears that in this case, the unusual fourth layer coating makes the film challenging and expensive to produce, so they’ve decided to drop it.

Fuji’s 400H film is a somewhat unique color negative film and offers a lot of latitudes when it comes to dynamic range and exposure. For example, you can overexpose by a whole six stops and still retain all that highlight detail.

Fujifilm notes that this discontinuation will only affect the 135 PRO 400H EC NP 36EX 1 and 120 PRO 400 H EP EC 12EX NP 5 which are its color films. Fujifilm says it will continue to produce and sell its consumer color negative, color reversal, and black-and-white film stocks.

The Pro 400H 135 ceased sale and production immediately, and the company says that it will no longer be available.
Fujifilm says it expects to be able to allocate stock of Pro 400H in the 120 formats to last through the end of 2021.

More info on Fujifilm’s website.

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