George Byrne: Post Truth

Australian-born, LA artist, George Byrne release his first book Post Truth, a monograph of work about the urban landscape of Los Angeles, releasing in October 2020.

“After five solid years of exhibiting, I had the chance to step back and see my work through a prism of longer-term ideas. I realized my portfolio had evolved in an interesting way, and I had enough work to make it into a strong collection. What I’ve learned over the past ten years is that photography is a more dynamic, expressive, and malleable medium than I ever knew. I wanted the book to show the evolution of my series thus far, from raw street observations to more calculated, collagic compositions, whose reality (or truth), have ended up in the eye of the beholder.”
(George Byrne)

This book contains a selection of 56 high-quality monographs, all images that at some point were printed and exhibited internationally by George Byrne between 2015-2020. The book is 120 pages, hardcover, smith sewn, cloth overboard. Byrne collaborated with the Producer/Editor – Stephanie Emerson, Designer – Michael Worthington, and writer – Ian Volner, the novelist whose essay introduces the book.

About the Author

George Byrne creates large-scale photographs that depict everyday surfaces and landscapes as painterly abstractions. Borrowing from the clean, vivid clarity of modernist painting, he also references the New Topographics photography movement via a subject matter firmly entrenched in the urban everyday.

A portrait of George Byrne

Born in Sydney in 1976, Byrne graduated from Sydney College Of The Arts in 2001, travelled extensively, and then settled in Los Angeles in 2011 – where he now lives and works.

Cloth Cover with tip-in: 120 pages, 56 images
Edition: 1500 copies
Publisher: self-published
Size: 9.75 x 11.75 inches
Language: English
ISBN-13:  978-0578705163

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