Group exhibition Made in Chicago at the Galerie Rouge in Paris

Galerie Rouge presented Made in Chicago, a thematic exhibition on Chicago and its photographic representation from the 1940s to the present day, on show until January 21.
For several generations of photographers this city has represented a subject, a study, a sociological object but also a starting point for self-fulfillment as artists. Cradle of modern architecture, theater of social and racial divisions, capital of American industry, city of diverse and dynamic cultures, all these dimensions have in fact nourished the gaze of the photographers who have inhabited it.
Less known than the New York photographic scene, this exhibition aims to restore Chicago as a vibrant and original photographic center. The photographers in the exhibition share the need for their photographic vision that combines the beauty of the prints with the graphics of the images and the documentary strength of their subjects.
Made in Chicago also casts a shadow on the relationships and influence dynamics between Chicago photographers, as the exhibit brings together professors and students from two schools of photography. A first part is dedicated to the works of students and teachers of the legendary New Bauhaus/Institute of Design school with vintage works in sublime black and white tones. In a second part, a contemporary and colorful vision of the city is exposed through the eyes of Paul D’Amato and two of his former students who have now become artists in their own right, Clarissa Bonet and Todd Diederich.

Made in Chicago
until January 21, 2023
Galerie Rouge – Paris

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(cover picture by Paul D’Amato)

Barbara Crane
Clarissa Bonet
Clarissa Bonet
Joseph Sterling
Kenneth Josephson
Kenneth Josephson
Paul D'Amato
Todd Diederich
Todd Diederich
Todd Diederich
Barbara Crane, Chicago Loop, 1978 © Barbara B. Crane Trust
Harry Callahan, Eleanor, Chicago, 1951 © Harry Callahan Estate
Kenneth Josephson, Chicago, 1962 © Kenneth Josephson
Kenneth Josephson, Chicago, 1962 © Kenneth Josephson
Ray K. Metzker, Chicago, from Master’s Project, circa 1959 © Estate of Ray K. Metzker
Yasuhiro Ishimoto, Chicago, 1959-1961 © Yasuhiro Ishimoto Estate

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