Ilford Unveils New Disposable Camera the Ilfocolor Rapid Half Frame

The Ilfocolor Rapid Half Frame is a new half-frame single-use disposable camera from Ilford. The new 54-shot disposable camera is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, with European and North American availability expected soon. Half-frame cameras are less common than full-frame 35mm cameras, but they are not unheard of.

The Ilfocolor Half Frame, like the previous Ilfocolor Rapid Retro, comes pre-loaded with ISO 400 color negative film. Because it is a half-frame camera, a regular 27-exposure roll of film now yields 54 individual shots.

The Ilfocolor Half Frame disposable camera twice the exposure count of its sister by vertically splitting the regular 35mm frame in half, making it well-suited to portrait photography. This means that a 36x24mm negative is divided into two 18x24mm exposures.

Ilford’s new half-frame point-and-shoot camera features the same fixed focus 31mm f/11 lens as the conventional Ilfocolor camera, with “in focus” photos from a meter to infinity. The shutter speed of the camera is also fixed at 1/125s.

The Ilfocolor Half Frame contains a built-in flash that recycles in around 15 seconds, and the camera is powered by an included, pre-loaded AAA battery.

The Ilfocolor Half Frame will cost slightly less than $22.

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