I’m Back Film Is the First 20MP Sensor In a Film Canister

I’m Back Film is an intriguing product that makes digital film a reality. I’m Back is the world’s first digital film roll, with a 20-megapixel Sony Micro Four Thirds image sensor hidden inside a film roll canister.

“‘I’m Back’ represents a second chance for old analog cameras that were relegated to obscurity (I’m referring to the millions that went unused, not the ones still cherished by analog enthusiasts). With our incredible ability to transform these relics into modern digital devices, we’re writing a new chapter in the history of photography,” writes I’m Back.

The I’m Back Film’s 20-megapixel Four-Thirds sensor can be used with a wide-angle adapter to ensure that the smaller-than-full-frame sensor covers the entire 35mm image area. Alternatively, users can benefit from the crop factor allowed by a Micro Four Thirds sensor (2x crop factor when compared to a full-frame image sensor).

The team behind I’m Back Film states the selection of a Micro Four Thirds sensor rather than a full-frame sensor is due to cost. A Four-Thirds sensor provides “excellent image quality at a lower cost than a full-frame sensor.” Furthermore, as previously stated, when used in conjunction with a wide-angle lens filter, users can attain the same field of vision on their lens as they would with a 35mm camera sensor.

The camera records digital photos to an SD memory card. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity so photographers can link their smartphones to I’m Back Film and instantly download photographs to publish on social media.

Aside from the product’s creativity, it’s reasonable to wonder what it offers photographers. “At the moment, the world of photography has primarily seen the release of new lenses and improvements to existing digital cameras.” ‘I’m Back Film,’ on the other hand, delivers something truly distinctive. It enables photographers to rediscover their old analog cameras, many of which collect dust on shelves. This not only offers up new creative possibilities, but it also contributes to the preservation of photography’s heritage,” writes I’m Back.

The company also believes that photography is going through a creativity crisis, in which photographers frequently use the same techniques and styles. I’m Back Film’s mission is to re-energize photographers and encourage new methods and creative pictures. It also aspires to promote more experimentation.

The Sony IMX 269 sensor is combined with a 1.5-inch LCD and an NT9853 processor. In addition, the sensor can capture 4K UHD video at up to 60 frames per second. The gadget supports RAW and JPEG image capture and has black-and-white and color settings inspired by Kodachrome and Fujifilm.

Users no longer have to pick between analog and digital with I’m Back Film. Using I’m Back Film does not necessitate the modification of current analog cameras, ensuring the preservation of historical equipment. I’m Back CEO Samuel Mello Medeiros invented the product, and the company also comprises co-founder Filippo Nishino, shipping manager Monique Medeiros, and administrative manager Yasmin Nishino.

I’m Back Film will soon be available on Kickstarter. Photographers can sign up to be notified when the campaign, which is anticipated to begin next week, goes live.

If the name “I’m Back” seems familiar, that’s because it’s not the company’s first time on Kickstarter. The name “I’m Back” makes a lot of sense. The firm was previously on Kickstarter with a comparable device for 35mm cameras, albeit that version was substantially larger and used a smaller 14-megapixel picture sensor. It also required photographers to remove the rear of their film camera and lacked a canister-style attachment. The spirit of earlier I’m Back gadgets continues on in the upcoming I’m Back Film, but the new iteration capitalizes on how analog cameras work in a completely new and innovative way.

More info on I’m Back website.

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