Indisposable Develops Your Film and Sends Photos Directly to Your Phone

The new startup based in the US Indisposable is offering an easy way for users to get their film-based pictures online, as the company says it is blending film photography seamlessly into digital.

“By erasing the barrier between the physical and digital experience, Indisposable offers everyone a simple way to bridge the gap between shooting on film and sharing online,” says the website.

A photographer would send their film to Indisposable and after they are developed and scanned, the images are automatically sent to their phone. Indisposable also offers disposable cameras for sale, which the company says it does to encourage more people to try film photography. At present, the company offers a Fuji disposable (with 27 exposures) and a Kodak disposable (with 39 exposures).

Users can print off a mailing label themselves or have the company send them a dedicated film mailing envelope which is used to get the film to the lab. Indisposable then processes and scans the film, and uploads the images to its iOS app where customers can download them to their mobile device. An app for Android users is on the way the company tells us. The company of course also gives you the option to receive your negatives back, for an added $3.00 charge.

At the same time, the images are emailed to the customer as well so they can be saved, edited, and posted from a desktop or laptop computer. The turnaround time is two to three days, and at the moment scanned images measure 3000×2000 pixels – though that is subject to change as they intend to serve more serious photographers.

Currently, the company can develop three types of film: 35mm, disposable, and 120 films. 35mm film development starts at $20 per roll, with black and white film costing $2.00 more; developing disposable also costs $20. The 120 film is slightly more expensive at $23 per roll.

The company affirms that it stands out from the other expensive boutique film companies by being more affordable and more accessible to the average, casual film photographer. Additionally, its core business isn’t about making prints, and the company at present doesn’t offer them.

More info on Indisposable’s website.

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