Tatsuo Suzuki: Street Photography from Tokyo

What led you to begin doing street photography in the first place?

At Enoshima, Kanagawa, in 2008 I took a candid shot of a seller and just in that particular moment I realized that this is the kind of pictures I want to take in my life. I like people very much.

How would you define your photographic style?

My street photography style express my feeling. It should not be anything else and should speak to people more than words.

Have you ever studied at a photography school or are you a self-taught artist?

Technique for me is not an essential issue. I’m a Self taught photographer. I only took a 1 year photography class in a photography school.

What kind of equipment do you use and what role, in your opinion, does equipment have in street photography?

I use Fuji X100F. For me it fits pretty good for my street shooting style.

“Monochromatic images are distinguished by their essentiality and the ability to make you feel deep emotions.”

If you had to choose one lens that you would have to be using for the rest of your life, which one would that be and why?

35mm its the angle of view that is suitable for me. I really love the distance feeling of this lens. Its so natural to me.

Do you ever do Street Photography with your smartphone?


“Technique for me is not an essential issue. I’m a Self taught photographer. “

Analog and digital photography. Do you see these as alternatives to one another or the same thing?

I never used film so I cannot reply to this question.

Black and white and color? How do you decide which one to use?

Only Black & White. Monochromatic images are distinguished by their essentiality and the ability to make you feel deep emotions. I think that black and white photographies makes imagination fly. I love it.

In the last couple of years street photography has grown a lot. What do you think is the reason for that?

I’m pretty sure that Instagram made the difference.

When you take photos, do you ever have a theme/project in mind?

Yes, I always have. This is what drives my creativity.

Are there any photographers or artists who inspired you or influenced your way of creating street photography?

Many photographers, but if I should name some I would say Robert Frank, William Klein and Koudelka.

VoidTokyo Magazine has been a great success. Are you currently working on any other projects?

No, I’m not working on anything else. Shooting every day and working on VoidTokyo (a self publishing street photography zine) takes all my time.

Which are your favorite photography books?

Robert Frank, the Americans; Koudelka, Exiles; William Klein, New York.

What advice would you give to someone who is starting to do street photography?

Shooting on your own eyes and sensibility. You are unique, do not copy.

In Japan you are known as a street photographer with great artistic sensibility. What does art mean for you? And which, do you think, are the opportunities that art can provide to the street photographers who choose to express their identity through that discipline?

I don’t know anything about art.


Born in 1965 in Tokyo. Living in Tokyo today. Started shooting in 2008.
My aim to shoot the street is to show how the world is beautiful, interesting, wonderful and sometimes cruel. By means of photography and through my own eyes with my gear.
I am so happy and glad when someone feels some emotion when they see my shots.

Website: tatsuosuzuki.com

VoidTokyo: voidtokyo.media/

Instagram: @tatsuo_suzuki_001

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