Irix Adds Fujifilm X Mount to Cinema Lens Support

Irix is expanding Fujifilm X-mount’s support on their seven cinema lens lineup. Canon EF, Canon RF, L-mount, MFT, Nikon Z, PL-mount, and Sony E are now joined by Fujifilm X, bringing the total number of lens mounts supported to eight. The 150mm T3.0 telephoto lens, added last December, is the most recent addition to the Swiss lens company’s steadily growing lineup of cinema lenses.

“Lens choices for the Irix Cine set were dictated by the desire to create conditions for filmmakers to focus their efforts on the implementation of the material, not on the search for optics that will meet the requirements of all of the tasks,” the company says. “All the lenses are in the Irix Cine standard, which allows for the same effect throughout the range. They have unique bokeh but also they preserve colors and details to simplify work in post-production and give a unique character to the created material.”

“Quick lens replacement without a rebalancing of the Steadicam or gimbal will allow you to quickly adapt to the current requirements of the filmed scene. When in need to add filters, most lenses come with 86mm filter thread and 95mm front diameter. They are also characterized by the ability to work in all weather conditions, the lenses have special sealings to protect them from dust, sand, or water. ”

Irix’s comprehensive cinema line currently features seven lenses and eight lens mounts. 11mm T4.3, 15mm T2.6, 21mm T.1.5, 30mm T1.5, 45mm T1.5, 150mm T3.0 Macro 1:1 , and the 150mm T3.0 Tele.

The timing of the company’s support for Fujifilm X is opportune. Only Fujifilm produces still and video cameras, making it unique among manufacturers that enable Adobe’s camera-to-cloud feature. It originally only committed to the X-H2S but recently enlarged its original intention to include both the X-H2 and X-H2S. This spring, support should become available via a firmware upgrade.

Irix will make Fujifilm X mount available on its lenses in the next few days. Each will cost 1,195 euros, or about $1,265.

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