Julie Hrudová: Chasing Amsterdam

Photographer Julie Hrudová has been taking weekly street photos in Amsterdam for a section in a local newspaper called Het Parool.

For 1,5 year already she walks and cycles through the city to find that one scene to photograph. She is attracted to situations that surprise or touch her in a certain way. In march 2020 everything changed due to the pandemic. The city became quiet, which in turn presented even more absurd scenes in front of her camera. What wasn’t allowed to take place indoors, was now happening outdoors. The city became a playground. Even though the series doesn’t primarily focus on the pandemic in Amsterdam, it provides a subtle view of the city in this extraordinary period.

Next to the photos she will feature a few stories from the weekly photo hunts in the book. The title of the book, Chasing Amsterdam, also refers to the hunt for the image.

To cover a part of the costs for printing and design, Hrudová has set up a crowdfunding campaign. You can support her by pre-ordering a book, possibly in combination with a print. You’ll find all the options and more info about the book here: https://www.voordekunst.nl/projecten/11387-chasing-amsterdam-julie-hrudova-1

About the Author

Julie Hrudová (1988) was born in Prague but now lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

A portrait of Julie Hrudová

She has worked with a variety of publications, including The Guardian and VICE News. Julie’s work has also been exhibited in numerous shows, on an international scale.
Takes a weekly street photo for Dutch newspaper Het Parool. ︎Member of Burn My Eye, international street photography collective. ︎Founder & curator of StreetRepeat, a collection of street photography repetitions.︎ Photo editor at RTL News TV.

Publisher: Ipso Facto
Design: Sabine Verschueren
Expected: Autumn 2021

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