Kodak introduce a new Smile line of instant cameras and printers

An evergreen classic.

More and more street photographers discover the pleasure of taking picture with instant camera. In this way the photographs are unique pieces of reality and gain more personal value.

In the wake of this the company C+A Global has announced a new line of Kodak instant cameras and printers called Smile, designed to help the street photographers to shoot and share Zink instant photos.

The Kodak Smile Classic Instant Print digital camera features a Polaroid-style design consisting of a pop-up viewfinder and automatic single strobe flash. There is a built-in micro-SD card slot as well as a ten second timer.
Photos can be printed onto 3.5 × 4.25-inch Zink photo paper, and you can pair your phone to the camera via Bluetooth.

Besides there is the Kodak Smile Instant Print digital camera, even a ten megapixel camera with an LCD viewfinder, a 10-second timer, and automatic flash. There’s a micro-SD card slot, and it can print your photos onto Zink paper when you’re happy with your shot.

Finally there is the Smile instant digital printer, you can use the Kodak companion app to print out photos from your iOS or Android device.


More info on Kodak’s press release.

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