Kodak Unveils the New Super 8 Limited Edition Cameras

The Kodak Super 8, a camera that was first introduced in 2016, is now available for preorder. The dedicated website allows you to sign up to purchase the camera at a later date. It also lists its most prominent capabilities, along with some sample footage. According to the company, it is the “magic of analog filmmaking meets modern convenience.”

Some parts have changed since its initial announcement in 2016, although the majority of the key functions have not. The Kodak Super 8 is a digitally enhanced analog Super 8 camera. Its only visual recording medium is 50ft cartridges of Super 8 film. The camera employs an expanded 14:9 gate, allowing for an 11% bigger image than typical Super 8 cameras by omitting the audio channel on the Super 8 film. The camera once supported an inbuilt microphone that could detach from the top handle, freeing up a 3.5mm connector that could then be used by other microphones. It looks like the new version didn’t have it at all, but it still had a 3.5mm input on the back. The built-in microphone was not stated by Kodak, and it is not visible in the most recent photos.

It’s a film camera, but it has many current digital features that replicate the shooting experience of mirrorless cameras. For example, it has an SD card port for audio recordings, as well as a firmware upgrade method, and a 4-inch LCD display to aid in filming as well as access the menu and modify a number of variables such as aspect ratio.

“Composing shots on Super 8 is easier than ever before. The LCD viewfinder swivels, allowing a wide range of shooting angles,” Kodak says. “And thanks to its expanded screen, navigating features like aspect ratio overlays, interactive menu selection, and camera settings is intuitive and straightforward.”

Monitor levels may be viewed on the LCD.

The camera supports both regular Super 8 gate recording and 16:9 widescreen extended gate recording for increased visual resolution. According to Kodak, using an expanded gate maximizes more film strip capture area and provides for an 11% larger image than typical Super 8 cameras. Its 14:9 full-frame aspect ratio also allows the camera to blend in with other modern media capture formats and fill the frame of modern TV and video screens.

It even offers an HDMI out for those who want to connect an external display. Somewhat strangely, though, it’s charged not with USB-C but with an old-fashioned micro USB.

The new Super 8 comes with a 6mm 1:1.2 optic and a interchangeable C-mount lens. The company recommends that users “use any other C-mount prime lens or adapters to mount the lens of your choice” and “experiment with vintage lenses for a retro feel.”

The camera and lens, as well as the battery, pistol grip, charging cable, USB power adapter, and a cartridge of Tri-X Black and White Reversal Film 7266, are packaged in a Pelican case.

It will be sold in limited quantities for $5,495 and will be available first in the United States before expanding to other countries.

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