Laowa Announces the Nanomorph 65mm T2.4 and 80mm T2.4 1.5X Anamorphic Lens

Laowa announced two new Nanomorph anamorphic lenses with 65mm and 80mm focal lengths and a 1.33x front anamorphic converter. These lenses complement the existing 27mm, 35mm, and 50mm Nanomorph lenses, which are exceptionally tiny and convenient. Nanomorph lenses are available in Canon RF, Sony E, Micro Four Thirds, L mount, Nikon Z, DJI DL, and FUJIFILM X mounts.

The 1.5x squeeze ratio and three different flare color options are available with the 65mm and 80mm T2.4 lenses. The flare colors are blue, amber, and neutral. According to Venus Optics, the two longer lenses will complement the current 27mm, 35mm, and 50mm Laowa Nanomorph lenses and will be equally portable. This means a filmmaker can use the entire series of lenses without significantly altering their rigs.

The first generation of Nanomorph lenses, introduced in August 2022, was advertised as the tiniest anamorphic optics ever.

As a result of using anamorphic blocks as part of the synchro focus design, which enables the creation of an anamorphic lens within a lower price range, the business claims that most less expensive anamorphic lenses compromise a constant squeeze ratio. Although less expensive, Venus Optics claims they can produce “anamorphic mumps” over the focal length, which indicates they can’t keep the squeeze ratio constant. Anamorphic mumps occurs when the center of an image receives less horizontal squeeze when the lens is focused at close ranges.

Instead of using an anamorphic block design for the Nanomorph series, Venus Optics invented a special lens array that can provide optical quality and a consistent squeezing ratio without increasing the size or cost of the optic.

Venus Optics will also release a 1.33x front anamorphic converter that can convert any lens in the Nanomorph line into a 3x anamorphic in addition to the two new Nanomorph lenses. It can be used with regular spherical lenses to give them a “cinematic look,” according to the manufacturer, increasing its applicability.

Laowa Nanomorph 65mm T2.4, 80mm T2.4 1.5X anamorphic lens, and 1.33X front anamorphic adapter prices are not yet listed; they will likely be revealed on August 29 when the IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign launches. But since the last three lenses had prices of $1,000 for mirrorless mounts and $1,500 for EF and PL mounts, it makes sense that Venus Optics would strive to maintain or at least stay close to those prices for the upcoming lenses.

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