Leak Claims Apple Put Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization Camera System in 2020 iPhone 5G Models

Taiwanese tech publication Digitimes has published a new report claiming that the 2020 iPhone model featuring 5G network support will feature “sensor-shift stabilization technology.” The iPhone has included optical image stabilization for a while now, and sensor-shift hardware improvements continue that trend.
Whereas optical image stabilization shifts around the lens element, sensor-shift moves the sensor inside the camera module directly.

Apple is expected to make some major changes to next year’s iPhones, including a boxier iPhone 4-like design, removing the notch, and potentially removing all ports. It stands to reason that a major redesign would include some changes to the camera module as well.

It’s unclear whether the inclusion of sensor-shift stabilization technology would be limited to these higher-end models and whether the tech will play a role in Apple’s alleged AR ambitions. Digitimes itself has a mixed track record in regards to its consumer gadget leaks, though it has accurately published unreleased iPhone details in the past.

More info on Digitimes’ website.

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