Leica Introduces the New D-Lux 7 Street Kit

Leica has announced the release of the D-Lux 7 Street Kit, an all-in-one offering Leica pitches as the perfect companion for any street photography excursion.

The Leica Street Kit contains everything is need for a streamlined street photography experience. Along with the new black-finish D-Lux 7, the set includes a handgrip, a black paracord wrist strap (made by COOPH), a lens cap with an automatic opening mechanism, and a spare battery.
Thanks to the wrist strap, the camera is always ready; the handgrip ensures a safe hold on the camera, enabling it to react quickly to every photographic opportunity. There is no need to remove the lens cap prior to shooting, as it opens automatically as the lens is extended.

The D-Lux 7 Street Kit is currently available to purchase from Leica Stores and authorized Leica retailers for $1,549.
More info on Leica’s website.

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