Leica Releases Firmware Updates for SL2/SL2-S and Q2/Q2M Cameras

Leica released firmware update version 6.0 for the SL2/SL2-S mirrorless cameras. Here is what’s new:

  • Continuous shooting with activated Perspective Control
    SL2: for 2 fps and 6 fps, SL2-S: for 2 fps and 5 fps
  • Added lock function for white balance settings Auto ISO and Auto
    This function ensures a constant ISO value and automatic white balance during video recording until recording is stopped, or settings are changed via menu settings.


  • New submenu item Flash Mode under Flash Settings
  • The menu item AF Quick Setting only was added to the menu Touch AF in EVF – In Touch AF mode, this will prevent accidental movement of the AF frame, but still allows the Touch AF functions to be used.
  • Newly added menu items for the Favorites menu
  • Thumbwheel: New functionality as function button
  • Joystick: More assignment options


  • GPS accuracy of the shooting location was significantly improved
  • Revised Play menu: The option Delete All was replaced by Delete Unrated
  • The Continuous Shooting settings in the menu item Drive Mode were renamed
  • The menu item Self Timer is now a main menu item, and can be combined with other shooting modes
  • Bugfixes in the firmware

Leica also released firmware update version 5.1.0 for the Q2/Q2M cameras with a single improvement:

  • GPS accuracy of the shooting location was significantly improved

More info on Leica’s website.

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